Dee and Pastis, Rhum, Coke

Dee and Pastis joined RMRD in March 2006 and became members in January 2007. Pastis is a Catahoula Leopard born June 2005.  We started SAR because a working dog needs a job and this job is a public service that benefits the missing and our community. For me it is the fascination of learning about scent and dogs in a field that is as broad as any University degree.  I started two new pups Rhum and Coke in January 2016.  Both are Catahoula/ Majestic Hound mix from a working ranch bred for work.


   Level III area
   HRD (cadaver, open water, evidence)

Tactical Tracking Teams:

   Level II Area Searching
   Level III Tracking
   Sartech II

   Shoreline HRD

 Trust the dog!!!