Marie and Guinness, Batman & Coke

Marie became a certified K9 SAR handler in 2006 with her first dog Kahlua. In 2008 she found her new partner Guinness, a male "Blab" (Bloodhound-Lab) from Mississippi, who she started training at the age of 8 weeks. From the start it was obvious that Guinness was a natural tracker and a great dog. In 2013 Marie started training a second "blab" puppy named Batman. Just like Guinness he is honest and hard working. In 2016 she added Coke to her family. He is also a hound mix and started on trailing and cadaver at 8 weeks. He works like a hound and has great drive. 
Marie is certified with National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) as a SARTECH II and is also a NASAR Sartech II evaluator. Marie and her dogs attend 4-5 seminars per year. Their special interest is trailing but all other disciplines are important. They train on an average 10-15 hours a week, mostly distraction trails that have aged a day or two. They train trailing in urban environments and highly contaminated areas, to prepare for any situations where a great trailing dog can make a difference. 
Current Certifications with Guinness
RMRD (Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs) Area/Airscent Level 1 (250 acres, 2 subjects, 5 hrs)
RMRD Trailing 
RMRD Urban Trailing
RMRD HRD/Cadaver (20 acre, one large source, 1 hour)
RMRD HRD/Evidence (4 one acre areas with small source that is buried, elevated, surface and a blank area)
RMRD HRD/water (shoreline and boat)
NASAR HRD (type other)
Tri-state Trailing 1
Tri-state HRD water (shoreline)
Tri-state Cadaver
TTT (Tactical Tracker Teams) Trailing 1
Objective First Tactical K9 Standards, HRD

Current Certifications with Batman:
RMRD Area/Airscent Level 2 (160 acres, 1 subject, 3 hours)
RMRD Urban Trailing
Tri-state Urban Trailing
Tri-state Trailing 1
Tri-state HRD water (shoreline)
CTA (Canine Training Academy, John Luthenberg) Level 1 Trailing
Objective First Tactical K9 Standards, HRD
INBTI (The InterNational Bloodhound Training Institute) Trailing