Jan and Scout

Jan and Scout became members of Rocky Mountain in October of 2008 and are a RMRD Level III team. Scout is a 9 year old golden retriever and has a special talent for avalanche work, but she loves anything that she and her handler do together - especially backpacking, hiking, snowshoeing and running. They have attended K-9 training seminars in HRD - Land, HRD - Water, Area/Air Scent, and Trailing/Tracking in California, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Utah from Tactical Tracker Teams, Georgia K-9 National Training Center, NSDA, United States Mantrailing Association, Canine Training Academy, and NAPWDA. They are certified in the following areas:
RMRD (Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs) Area/Airscent Level 3 (250 acres, 2 subjects, 5 hrs)
RMRD Avalanche
RMRD HRD/Cadaver (20 acre, one large source, 1 hour)
RMRD HRD/Evidence (4 one acre areas with small source that is buried, elevated, surface and a blank area)
RMRD HRD/water (shoreline and boat)
NASAR Canine SARTECH II, Area Search Dog Non-Discriminating 
NASAR Canine SARTECH III, Area Search Dog Non-Discriminating
NASAR Canine SARTECH III, Trailing Search Dog 
NASAR Canine Human Remains Detection – Land Type Other (Non-Disaster Operations) 
NASAR Canine Avalanche Responder 
NASAR Canine Avalanche Responder Lead Evaluator 
NASAR Canine SARTECH II Area Search Evaluator
NASAR Canine SARTECH III Trailing Evaluator
NASAR Canine Human Remains Detection – Land Type Other Evaluator
TTT Level I-Basic Trailing Discipline 
TTT/Georgia K-9 NTC Level II-Intermediate Trailing Discipline 
Tri-State Cadaver I 
Tri-State Water Shoreline 
Objective First Tactical K-9 Human Remains Detection (Land)
AKC Canine Good Citizen