Kacy and Uintah

Kacy and Uintah joined Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs in 2006 and were certified as a Level III team in April 2011 and then as an HRD Specialized team in August 2013. Uintah is a 9 year old Golden Retriever who lives to search.Uintah absolutely loves people, especially kids.There is no greater reward for her than to come to the end of a trail and find someone waiting there for her. Her specialty is wilderness and article searches, but she also enjoys water recovery, disaster searches, building searches, avalanche, HRD and tracking. In October 2009, Uintah located a missing person in West Wendover, aiding the West Wendover Police Department and the Elko County Sheriff's Office. Kacy manages Avenues Pet Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fide Canem!