About Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs

Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, Inc. is an all volunteer, non-profit, professional canine search and rescue organization established in 1980. Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, Inc. is the oldest search dog organization in the state of Utah. Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, Inc. is dedicated to assisting law enforcement and other governmental agencies in the location of lost and missing persons.

Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, Inc. provides assistance in the following situations: wilderness searches, tracking/trailing, water recovery, avalanche searches, urban searches, human remains detection/cadaver searches, and disaster searches. Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, Inc. is on-call and available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Rocky Mountain Rescue Dog teams consist of a handler and his or her dog. Team members donate their time and resources training to meet rigid standards including: scent theory, search theory, canine obedience, canine agility, GPS/navigation skills, mountaineering skills, first aid skills, and physical fitness. Teams maintain a constant state of readiness, able to respond at any time, day or night, to an emergency.

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